Rotarua-Geothermal Valley

rotarua 10
Champange Pool in Wai O tapu Thermal Park

Wow this place is literally “out of this world” I have never seen any place like this in my life, boiling mud pools, lime green lakes, boiling larva lakes. This was an amazing experience! Here are a few highlight below:

rotarua 7 rotarua 8 rotarua 23 rotarua 21 rotarua 19 rotarua 18 rotarua 15 rotarua 14 rotarua 13 rotarua 12 rotarua 16 rotarua 9 rotarua 11

After a hike around the park we headed to Lake Rotarua for lunch on board a paddle steam boat!

rotarua 6 rotarua 5

Than to rainbow springs to see the KIWI!

rotarua 4 rotarua 3 rotarua 2 rotarua 1

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