The best way to experience Thailand is to go with an open mind. You have to eat the local food and hassle people about the price of things. They expect you to do so and if you don’t, you will get ripped off.

 Funny boat name



On a previous trip we spent a lot of time on the islands in the Gulf of Thailand. This time around we had only a few hours in the town of Pattaya as the cruise ship only dock during the day.


Streets of Pattaya


I love how you can buy a beer from any vendor at any time of day so as soon as we got off we cracked a few Changs and walked along the beach until we found a reasonably decent place to eat. The colourful beach chairs allure you just as much as the interesting aromas of food being prepared.

 Beach chairs



 LunchStripper bar


This was a short day mission, but we were lucky enough to be there for the Thai new year celebrations. Traditionally they celebrate by throwing water on everyone. Best to buy a water gun and spray who ever you wish, even police officers join in.




We cant wait to go back to explore the area around Chiang Mai in the north


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