You can say a lot about a city by only judging its airport. Changi International is one of the grandest gateways to Asia and if you ever have a long layover here it is well worth the time (and money) to explore this impressive city. They have it all figured out and the system works extremely well. Then again, with only about 5.5million citizens I suppose it is a lot easier for the government to control its people.

The architecture is amazing and you will not find a single piece of litter anywhere. If the secret police catch you littering you will get a once off fine of $500. Do it again and they will make you rake up leaves in any of the many parks in an orange overall while they show you doing it on TV. Get caught a third time and they going to bliksem you with a cane.


View from mountain

They are super strict. Death sentence for having a gun (not even using it), drugs a big NO like anywhere else in SE Asia and I love the fact that they protect the woman to the point of caning transgressors’ asses so that you will forever be unable to sit properly.

The heat is intense. Being so close to the equator makes you shout out in joy when the evening thundershowers roll in.

Sunset as we leave Singapore

The tropical climate is perfect for some amazing plant life to flourish. We went to the Orchid gardens and the variety of plants will make any horticulturist feel like they’re in horticultural heaven.

 Orchird 2Orchird 1

Plant in a plant



If you are into shopping, then Singapore is the place to be. However, it is not like shopping in the markets of Thailand or Vietnam. This place is very expensive and everything is legit. Personally, I feel the city lacks a bit of personality. If you find yourself there at night however it is well worth the mission to Clark Quay area where you can mingle with locals and foreigners alike. I found myself having a couple of beers with friendly locals as they sat in these pockets all along the river.

Singapore is a great stop and you can be guaranteed to be in awe of the buildings as well as the efficiency of the systems in place.

 Orchard rd

Orchard rd statues


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