It is a miracle that I found Tam in one of the busiest cities in the world! I got off the ship earlier in the day while Tam stayed on board tending to patients. So we made a meeting point based on what she had seen there before (because we do not have cell phones with us) so when the big teddy bear where we were supposed to meet up wasn’t there anymore, I thought there is no way I am going to find her among the 7 million other people.

 where is juan

 Lucky for me she stayed in one place while I walked around trying to find her. If you have been to Hong Kong before you would know what a feat this is as there is a million nooks and crannies to get lost in.

 busy busy


Hong Kong is amazing. The city is alive at all times of day and there is an infinite amount of things to discover here. After having a really good Chinese lunch at Kings Dumpling, we spent the afternoon walking around Kowloon.


 Ordering lunchLunch 1


The place was bustling with people, cars, busses and Indian hawkers selling all things fake. I hope to come back here and spend more time exploring the possibilities.



 The cruise ship was docked in the container port. This specific container port is extremely busy, so when the captain announced our departure I was ecstatic about the fact that he was going to navigate as slow as possible through the thousands of boats and ships.

Hongkong city


We cruised through Victoria harbor at about 1 knot and were in luck to see the start of the Light and Sound show that is held nightly. The buildings come to life with a myriad of colors and spectacular laser displays. As Murphy would have it though, a sudden downpour crushed all hopes of getting some nice photos of the show. Everyone got soaked! Ever seen three thousand 60 year olds rushing for cover? Needless to say some folk got hurt from slipping and spirits were somewhat dampened. I came back to our cabin for a change of dry clothes and decided to go back upstairs a while later. I was in luck. The rain had cleared the air and the cityscape was unbelievably crisp and clear, with light of all colors painting the black night.

 hongkong at night 5


The warm sunny days are over for now. We are in the middle of the South China Sea and it is rough and cold outside. As we make our way to Shanghai I reminisce on the warm sun on my face, whether it was chilling next to one of the many pools on deck or just walking down some beach in Vietnam. Suppose it is also ok to just lie in bed with a fat book in hand to kill the time before our next adventure in Shanghai.


  hongkong at night 3 hongkong at night 4





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