Under water maze

Getting lost is how you find new things. I once got lost in Camden Town and ended up finding a really interesting full-length fur coat from the 70’s. Not only did it end up being my blanket at some point in my travels, but it was also a conversation starter with many people on the streets of London. Accidentally finding something of value, for me, makes the item worth more than if it had to be readily available at any old place. Some friends mocked the coat, but I know it was because they were jealous of my find. It was a sad day when I had to leave the coat at Heathrow Airport. It was too big to fit in anywhere; it was either my guitar or the coat. I don’t believe I have lost it, I think of it as my donation to whomever was looking for something else and happened to find something better.

Lots of little treasures have accidentally found their way in my path since then. Like the traditional sushi knife I got in Kyoto Japan. Or the black and white chequered sarong from Lombok in Indonesia. But like everything materialistic, they can disappear or get damaged over time. That is why I place so much value in things that cannot be touched or necessarily be seen by others who wasn’t there. Experience, I reckon, is the best treasure of all.


Life, like this coral head, is full of amazing mazes

The wind is blowing from a different direction today. I am not entirely familiar with the weather patterns out here or even sure if there is a winter and summer season, but I reckon the season must be changing.  It is more humid than before and the turtles we see aren’t lost, instinct is driving them closer to shore to feed on the grasses in the shallows. It is incredibly green and lush on the way to the Jenek Bay and if we had to cut through the thick jungle, I am sure, we will get horribly lost.


That’s me in my next life, after the one where I am a turtle in Hawaii

The same compelling force that brings the turtles to the shore is also the vehicle that reminds us that it is best to stick to the path. We put on our snorkel gear and enter the dreamlike coral maze of the bay. When I dive under and swim along the colorful labyrinth of coral heads, I have to remind myself that I am not a fish and that I should go back up for a breath of air. The sun rays that fall below the translucent water illuminate the bright neon patterns and colors of the reef fish.

I wish that all the sad and lost people in the world could be making memories like ours. It is such a colorful world and we should strive to keep it as such. I don’t know why the people are fighting in the Middle East and I wonder why the already billionaire magnates want to drill for oil on the Barrier Reef. These people should all just jump in and swim around this beautiful reef and maybe, just maybe the exquisiteness and splendor of the place can bring peace and restore the balance.


Maybe it was the depravation of oxygen, but I could swear I heard the fish say,   “Follow me”


Fortunately this reef in the South Pacific is still heavily protected. But…


…Like the killing of our Rhinos and many other beautiful creatures, these reefs are being destroyed by overfishing and general human incompetence. When I hear this might not be around in 30 years time, saltwater wells in my eyes


Something we should all fight for before it gets lost


Colorful clam




Tams favorite fish


Juan’s favorite fish


A bubble of air, lost in translucence


I’d build myself a shelter right there and turn into Sponge Bob orange pants

Some try to measure their wealth by the things they can hold in their hands, often getting lost in what they have accumulated. Others might find all their wealth in something invisible. For us it is about what we have seen, what we experience and what we can talk about at the end of each day. I am pretty sure that by now my long lost coat is looking like a sheep that fell off a cliff, and that in time the sushi knife is going to rust (if it rusts then I know I have been conned) but the memories we have made are safe. Unlike the habitats being taken away from our furry and scaly friends, no one can take away our experiences from us and even with the thought that in time our minds might slip a memory or two, we are willing to keep getting lost in places where the treasures of adventure lies in the most unexpected places.


Wind, Water, Fire & Earth how beautiful isn’t this place that I have relied on since birth

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