I am one lucky guy. I travel around the world with my wife and get to explore places that most people can only dream of going to. I am one of those ‘live to travel, travel to live’ guys and wouldn’t have it any other way.

We are nomads and I love it.

Along with writing travel stories, I truly am passionate about photography. I view the art of mastering photography as an ever-evolving personal process. I get excited about the possibilities when I step into brand new scenes. I love getting lost and going off the beaten track.

Through photography I have stumbled upon places where I find myself exhilarated, like a child discovering a playground. I love that about photography, if you are really into it you can get drawn in through the viewfinder and have your imagination run wild.

My favorite photographer is Clark Little. He captures views that are truly spectacular and incredibly unique. I am also inspired by my mothers’ photography. She gave me my first film camera and I loved the excitement of not knowing what your images are going to look like before being developed.

I love shooting spontaneously and independently. I enjoy the peace and solitude photography has to offer but I also enjoy the challenges it brings about. I try my best to never say, “ I wish I had my camera with me”…

I hope that my photographs will inspire you, if not to pack a bag and say, “Let’s go traveling!” then hopefully to see the beauty and the contrasts that lie in all aspects of life.

My name is Juan, and together my wife and I are continually Drifting Ashore.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Juan and Tam, I love your blog… not quite as good as being there… but next best thing!! Love Marge

  2. Just stumbled upon your blog-great pics & an even greater story! I too am a cruise ship physician & will be visiting this area starting Nov 24. I’ll be on the Holland America ship MS Oosterdam, doing a 2 week round trip out of Sydney. Can you give me a few ideas on what NOT to miss while I’m there? We’ll be in New Caledonia, Vanuatu, and Fiji. Will you be anywhere in the area?
    Thanks for the info & happy sailing!

  3. Hey Tom

    Sydney is amazing and you arrive right in the city so you can literally just get off and explore! The obvious things not to miss is the Sydney Opera House, we climbed the Sydney Bridge which was an awesome experience. Also check out the markets around Sydney. If you into beaches, Bondi Beach is a good one to check out.

    As for the South pacific the places are amazing but the problem is most time the cruise ship is at least an hour from the places you want to go. Try jump in a local taxi with some friends and check out some of the beach resorts or local sights. Isle of Pines (New Caledonia) is wonderful there u arrive just on the beach, take a mask and snorkel!

    Also if your cruise ship allows try and join some of the passenger tours, normally you can escort tours for free and that way you get to see some amazing things that you couldn’t see on your own!!

    We on holiday at the moment enjoying exploring our home country, South Africa!

    Enjoy it!


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